Bird Watching

Here are a few birds you might encounter while bird watching in San Francisco:

Rock Dove
Commonly known as a pigeon, these gray birds surround the city of San Francisco. Rock Dove’s features are a mix of green, gray, black and white with red eyes.

Canada Goose
Despite the fact their name has Canada in it, these birds are often found near the east side of the San Francisco Bay. These geese have black and white heads along with brown feathers.

Great Blue Heron
The great blue heron is one of the largest coastal birds. It often stands in waters, waiting for its prey. This bird has a mix of blue, white and black. It is often seen in many, many wetlands.

Turkey Vulture
Often seen above the Marin Headlands, turkey vultures are black and pinkish red. They have sharp beaks and are larger than a hawk.

I found out about these interesting facts from the book, Birds of San Francisco and the Bay Area by Chris C. Fisher and Joseph Morlan.

Written by Georgia, age 10

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