Biggest Crush

In the Spinning Straw into Gold workshop, taught by Martin Nouvell, students learned techniques of nonfiction writing and journaling by developing a Writer’s Sketchbook containing short pieces reflecting their lives and imaginations.

She watches him from across the room and doesn’t try to hide the smile because she secretly hopes he sees it. He is truly adorable. When he isn’t looking she thinks about all the things they could do together. She imagines them walking hand in hand singing the lyrics of their favorite folk songs. She sees them skipping in the park because she knows he loves to skip. She wonders what it would be like to be held by him. She really wishes she could be held by him. She wants nothing more than to be held by him.

He reminds her of everything that’s good in the world. He says “jolly” and giggles when he’s the center of attention. He admits that he’s nervous around people he’s attracted to, and she notices with such anticipation when he gets nervous around her.

He helps her remember how to be a kid and lets her show him that he’s wise beyond his years. They go on adventures into the dark woods together. They’re scared but he lets her be strong and resilient. She tells a joke and he wraps his fingers in hers, noticing how her palms are a little sweaty. Weeks later he thanks her for holding his hand in the moonlight and she goes weak in more places than just the knees.

When they sit next to each other she can’t keep her hands away from him. She fidgets with the hem of his pants and flicks at the change in the pocket of his jacket. She’s drawn to him. She can’t explain to her friends exactly what it is, but she knows that when she hugs him, she feels safe.

Written by Kate Cohen, age 16, Lick-Wilmerding High School

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