Agu Turienzo introduces us to ‘Sourdough Sam’

Meet Sourdough Sam

By Agu Turienzo (from Bay-farer 46)

Have you ever heard of Sourdough Sam? You might know him as Sam, Sammy, Samster, Samiester, Samarama or Number 49. Well, I am writing this article because I want to tell you about Sourdough Sam, the San Francisco 49er mascot.

Did you see Sam at the Super Bowl? Because at least one 49er fan didn’t.

Kevin Connell has been a 49er fan since he was 8-years old. He started liking the 49ers because his dad was a fan. Kevin didn’t even know who Sourdough Sam was.

The 49ers invented Sourdough Sam, who is a gold miner, because of the Gold Rush in California in 1849.

Born “a long time ago,” according to the 49ers website, Sam’s most memorable moment is when Terrell (Owens) made something called The Catch II right in front of him. It knocked his “boots off.”

Soughdough Sam “speaks softly and carries a big pick,” according to his Twitter page. He also tweets. He tweeted 28 times on Dec. 30. But he hasn’t tweeted anything since before the Super Bowl.

Some people do know about Sam. Sam has 13,396 fans on Facebook.

Sourdough Sam’s hometown is Dem Dare Hills. But now he lives in Dem Thar Hills.

His favorite 49er is anyone who suits up in cardinal and gold —that’s the 49er colors.

I tried to email Sourdough Sam with some interview questions, but he didn’t respond. Someone named David Sanchez did. Sanchez email wasn’t from the 49ers. It was from e2K, which is an entertainment company. Sanchez didn’t answer any of my questions. He wanted to know more about my article. But it’s pretty obvious. It’s about Sourdough Sam.

Maybe the 49ers need a more updated mascot.

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