A Monster in the Closet

Once upon a time a monster named Brendan, in my closet, was eating all my toys and games and stuff and he was messing up everything in my room. Brendan looked like a big and really weird alien, except he wasn’t. He was a monster. He lived in my closet and one time he ate my bed. I yelled at him for doing that and also threw him out the window and then he was mad and then he broke the door because he was so mad. And he woke up my parents and then my sister too and my sister got scared and my dad was sleeping in my room and I was sleeping in my sister’s room, and there were actually two monsters, one in my sister’s room and one in my room. My mom was watching TV downstairs and he was sleeping and then a monster came downstairs and ate her TV and stuff. What a crazy night!

Written by Christian, age 7

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