826 welcomes guest artist Amanda Lopez

On Tuesday, April 2nd, the Writing Lab welcomed guest artist Amanda Lopez. Amanda joined us during After-School Tutoring to share her career as a photographer with our students. Born and raised in Sacramento, California, Amanda followed her passion for photography to San Francisco State University and has continued to shoot photos in the Bay Area and around the world.

Amanda began her presentation at After-School Tutoring by displaying various photographs from her portfolio, allowing students to gain entry into her photographic world. Amanda had students use her camera to take portraits of one another, which was especially fun for them. Students then wrote short bios about themselves on cards that are now displayed in the lab, accompanied by each student’s photo.

Amanda was our third presenter in the Guest Artist series at After-School Tutoring this semester. We hope to continue connecting students with local artists in order to inspire them and help them explore their dreams. Thank you to Amanda for her visit!

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