Meet our 2013 Scholarship Recipients

We are ecstatic to introduce you to our 2013 scholarship recipients. We were touched by all of the applicants’ commitment to education, community, family, and future. The six students highlighted below we either knew through past involvement in 826 Valencia or connected with immediately because of their creative voice and dedication to learning. It is an honor to have each of these students as part of the 826 Valencia family.

Thank you to the family of Taylor Renfrew Ingham, the Brin/Wojcicki Foundation, and City Arts and Lectures who have made it possible for us to offer college scholarships for the past ten years.

Read on to learn more about the 2013 winners:

Carlos Flores, Recipient of the Taylor Renfrew Ingham Memorial Scholarship 
Carlos’s involvement with 826 Valencia includes nearly 100 hours of involvement with our writing workshops, while maintaining a GPA of 3.6. He wrote, “I have a dream to make this world a safe place, socially and physically. I want to learn to harvest green energy so third-world countries can stop suffering from our carbon footprint. I have met people with similar interests at my school and at SMASH Academy, and I have noticed through life experiences that if anyone is going to change this world, it is going to be done with everyone’s help; no one person can do everything, but everyone can do something.” Carlos graduated from Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory high school. He plans to go to San Jose State University.

Daisy Guzman, Recipient of the 826 Valencia Scholarship
Daisy, who is as passionate about her education as she is about making a difference in society, has a strong interest in helping her community. Daisy graduated from Galileo Academy of Science and Technology. She wrote, “I hope to pursue a degree in biology and teaching, and I will continue to give back to the community that nurtured my growth by helping children with their homework and introducing them to new concepts and perspectives.” Daisy has been accepted to the University of California, Berkeley.

Derek Alexander Morrell, Recipient of the Nathan Jillson Memorial Scholarship
Derek, a highly engaged student, has displayed leadership skills both in academics and athletics. He wrote, “I am eager to continue my football career, but want to ensure that I am making my academics my top priority. I have always been a strong math and science student and have considered engineering in the past. At the moment, however, I am more interested in pursuing a career in law because it will offer an opportunity for me to combine critical, logical, focused thinking with the opportunity to help my community by being a lawyer.” Derek graduated from Abraham Lincoln High School. He will be attending Lewis & Clark College.

Diana Phan, Recipient of the Young Author’s Scholarship                  
Diana’s passion is telling stories. For her Intro to Java class, she modified her game to be like a Warlords video game from the 70’s. She wrote, “Video games, being one of the greatest influences in my life, are something that I believe can brighten up any person’s day, thus leading to my passion of wanting to create them. Video games have worlds where anything can occur, giving players hope and the spirit to never give up. They are a medium through which morals can be taught and ideas can be transferred from person to person.” Diana has recently graduated from Lowell High School and will attend Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

Erika Sarai Ramos, Recipient of the 826 Valencia Scholarship
Erika wrote movie reviews that were published in the San Francisco Chronicle, and she has represented 826 Valencia on a television news program. She was also given a presidential award for volunteering over 100 hours at 826 Valencia. Erika wrote, “I intend to study computer science and mathematics in college. After I graduate, I want to use and teach these skills to kids in the community who don’t have access to them and assist organization that are working on the issues I am presently involved in.” Erika graduated from Galileo Academy of Science and Technology, and she will be Attending the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Rachel Melissa Scales, Recipient of the Irving Hochman Memorial Scholarship
Rachel is a strong writer as well as an outstanding student. She succeeds in school and serves as a positive role model and inspiration for her younger brothers. She wrote, “No one ever told me to chase my dreams. I was always taught that to be realistic was to give up on anything I enjoyed doing, but that’s not the case. All realities have to start somewhere, and the best ones are those that are born from the dreams of our hearts.” Rachel has recently graduated from Lowell High School, and she has been accepted to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

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