826 Recipe Wars!

Here at 826 Valencia, we know that you can’t get any good swashbuckling done on an empty stomach. In 826 Recipe Wars, we combined our love of food with the thing we do best–make books–and came out with our latest cookbook, A Recipe to Remember!
Celia Sack, owner of local cookbook store Omnivore Books [this will be a hyperlink], lent her expertise to twelve students interested in sharing their favorite recipes with a wider audience. For the workshop, each student brought in a recipe of personal significance and wrote down a memory attached to his or her dish. From Minecraft and Harry Potter to picking blackberries, students explored the connections between food and memories and personalized their recipes with hand-drawn artwork.
826 Recipe Wars culminated in a celebratory potluck where students brought in the dishes that they had written about. We sampled shrimp spring rolls, sparkling lemonade, pancit, chicken stir fry, and lemon mousse, to name a few. After stuffing ourselves silly, each participant took home an Omnivore Books Recipe Keeper (courtesy of Celia) and a copy of A Recipe to Remember. If you’d like a copy of this cookbook, you can pick one up in the Pirate Store!
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