Love of the Lotto

Liova Marcelos wrote this short story in the 826 writing workshop “The Tale is in the End.” During this workshop, students started a story at the end of a character’s life and worked backwards.

Cassius, former meat cleaner at K-Mart who got fired after the “super cart race,” is walking home after a hard day of horse race betting. Reaching the trailer park gates, he notices all the lights are on in his to-go home.

“That lousy boy, skip work again.”

Walking in his house, a man-in-all-black turns around, stares and runs out with Cassius’ last remaining goods.

“Third robbery this week.”

A while later, his fat, lazy, dim witted son walks in with no shirt, one shoe, and the red eyes doing bad. Cassius slaps him and angrily sits down on the busted chair.

An hour later, mixed with a 40oz, he falls asleep on the floor.

The next morning Cassius gets up, gets a frozen hot-pocket and goes on the corner to wash cars.

$1 and 5 hours later he walks to the cheap Pete mart and orders the regular two-minute lunch: 7UP and a 40oz, Cheetos, and a Cali lotto.

Spotting a nice place to sit in front of the TV store, he watches KRON 4 “The
Traffic in 808 mild and Cali Lotto 378954.” Cassius glimpses at his little orange paper, then at the screen, then at the paper again.

“I Won-uh-uh-sweet-jesus, mary and –uh-uh–”

Then Cassius drops dead. The fatso chocked on a Cheeto.

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