Mindfulness & Writing from the Soul (CLASS FULL - WAIT LIST ONLY)


Feb 21,2015, 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM @ 826 Valencia
Mindfulness & Writing from the Soul
A two hour meditation and writing workshop

Taught by Gayle Markow
Open to 10 students, ages 11-13
A one-day workshop
February 21
Saturday, 1-3 PM

Come learn the basics of Mindfulness Meditation (also called Insight or Awareness Meditation) and see how this 2500 year old practice can help your writing practice today! We will learn and practice the basics of meditation to quiet and focus the mind, and reduce stress. This is a great place from which to write. We will also learn and practice the basics of a writing method called Writing From the Soul, which uses the nonjudgmental awareness generated in meditation to help us get “out of our own way” in the process of doing “generative” writing. Come learn some new skills and have fun being your own best writing buddy instead of your own worst critic!

Taught By: Gayle Markow