Personal Statements at Wallenberg High School

(In-Schools Program)

Oct 10,2013, 8:00 AM - 10:30 AM @ Wallenberg High School
Important note: This project requires a one-hour Personal Statement training in advance. If you have not already attended one in the past, please watch for additional opportunities in October.

Dear Tutors:

Welcome, and thank you in advance for your time and effort. For this project, you will be visiting Wallenberg High School. The senior class you will be working with is a small and highly motivated advanced placement literature class. We will be working on the college personal statement using the UC Berkeley guidelines.

We will divide the students into small groups, which will each have a tutor. At the point in which you visit our class, the students will have completed at least one of the two prompts and will have done peer-editing on each.

I would ask that each of you meet with your groups, having each student read their essay(s) out loud. Then, please work individually with each student in your group, giving appropriate feedback, helping with glaring errors or awkward syntax, and offering an overall impression of each essay. Feel free to mark up their papers!

While you are doing this, the other students in your group will be working with each other, continuing their peer editing and working on second drafts. This process has worked very well in the past, and is invaluable for the students. I am confident that you will enjoy this wonderful group of students.

Thanks again,

Guilan Sheykhzadeh

Grade: 12

40 Vega Street San Francisco, CA 94115