Memoirs of Life So Far

(In-Schools Program)

Dec 17,2012, 12:55 PM - 1:50 PM @ James Lick Middle School Writers' Room
Hello Tutors,
I’m really excited about working with you in the Writers' Room! For this assignment, students will be writing a memoir about overcoming a meaningful personal challenge (explaining who/what/when/where/why/how?). We are focusing on incorporating figurative language, metaphor, smiles, hyperbole, and imagery in our writing. These strategies should be apparent in the students’ essays.

Students will share their first drafts of these stories in small groups to get peer feedback and support from the tutors. We would like the tutors to facilitate the share-out and peer feedback and then use their own expertise to provide students with ideas and suggestions for improvement. The writing should focus on developing an engaging, dramatic, and emotional narrative.

Again, the pieces must include figurative language and vivid imagery, along with dialogue, suspense and any other literary techniques. After our initial tutoring session, students will revise their essays, and then they will meet individually with tutors in the writing room to get more specific feedback on proper grammar, spelling, punctuation and structure for their final narrative.

We look forward to your support and thank you in advance for working with our students.

Truly, Mr. Flores-Cardenas 8th English Language Arts

Grade: 8

1220 Noe Street