My Proposition

(In-Schools Program)

May 14,2012, 1:45 PM - 3:30 PM @ James Lick Middle School

To Volunteers for 826 Valencia:

Thank you so much for working with my students! They are so excited to work on their proposition assignments with you.

Each student has been assigned a proposition from California’s electoral history.  They have also been assigned a position on that proposition, either “yes” or “no”.  They have to argue from the assigned position, not from their own personal feelings.  

The goal of this project is to write and perform a persuasive speech urging the rest of the class to vote along with their position. After they perform their speeches, they will have a class vote on each proposition, and we’ll see whether the results in our classroom align with the results in history.

For their persuasive speeches, I would like them to have a hook that will grab their audience’s attention. They should also be able to clearly explain their proposition and their position on it for the class. They should have at least three reasons supporting their propositions, and they should also acknowledge their counterargument. Emotional and manipulative language is encouraged, as it mimics the actual proposition process.

In my first classes (8:30 to 10:15), there are several students that will need extra support. I have a paraprofessional (Rosario) that I can send up with you to work on their speeches. Students who will need extra support will be Zaakel, Gary, Ernesto, Henry, Celia, John, and Dezion. 

In my second classes (1:45 to 3:30), there are also several students that will need some extra help organizing their thoughts and staying on task.  Students who will need extra support will be Adrian, Chinedu, Stephanie, Yulisa, Julio, and Alonzo.

Thanks again!  If there’s anything else that would be helpful, let me know.


Elise Dicharry

6th grade LA/SS, room 102

Grade: 6th

1220 Noe Street