Poems and Prose

(In-Schools Program)

Apr 20,2012, 9:10 AM - 10:15 AM @ San Francisco International High School

Dear 826 Valencia volunteers,

I teach at San Francisco International High, a public high school located in the Potrero neighborhood that serves recent immigrant students. Our students come from around the world, including China, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Philippines, Honduras, Eritrea and other countries.

I teach an English elective to 11th grade students, titled Current Literature. As an assistant in my class in March, you will be helping students to revise and edit their lyric and narrative poems. If you will be coming in April, you will be assisting students with revising and editing their short stories. For both poetry and prose, I will provide you with detailed assignment descriptions, scaffolds and rubrics that students and I will use to assess their work.

This will be my first time working with 826 Valencia. I am excited to welcome you to our school and to introduce you to our wonderful, curious and talented students. I look forward to hearing from you!

 With gratitude, Vlada Teper,

11th Grade Current Literature Teacher

The 826 Valencia staff contact for this in-schools project is Lauren. You may reach her at lauren@826valencia.org or (415) 642-5905 x 207.

Grade: 11

1050 York Street San Francisco