What Makes the Story?

(In-Schools Program)

Nov 14,2011, 9:00 AM - 10:40 AM @ Cesar Chavez Elementary School
Simon Walker, Liz Scotta, and Marlene Barba's 5th grade writers are working on a Response to Literature that answers the following prompt: How do the main characters' traits support the theme of the story? In the essay they must give a brief summary of the story, identify a central theme, and state how traits of two of the main characters relate to the theme. Writers are also working on supporting their opinions by quoting from the story, paraphrasing, and making a connection between their life/experience/the world and the theme/character traits from the story.
Thank you in advance for your interest in supporting these students!

Mr. Walker, Ms. Scotta, and Ms. Barba

Grade: 5

825 Shotwell St. San Francisco, CA 94110