200 Poems

(In-Schools Program)

Nov 4,2011, 8:30 AM - 10:15 AM @ James Lick Middle School Writers' Room
To Volunteers for 826 Valencia:

Thank you so much for working with our students! They are so excited to workshop their poetry with you, and I know they’re just going to do a great job.

They were assigned three poems to write; some of them wrote three, some one, some seven, you know how it is. I need for them to edit and polish as many poems as they can in the two days that they will work with you.

For their poetry to be successfully polished, it should make sense, have recognizable and thoughtful line breaks, have a title, include sensory details and figurative language, and hopefully have something to do with the original assignment.

Thanks again!

Elise Dicharry and Helena Corda
6th grade LA/SS,

Grade: 6

1220 Noe Street