Project ACT with Downtown High School

(In-Schools Program)

Sep 30,2011, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM @ Downtown High School

During Project ACT, (Acting for Critical Thought) students study scriptwriting and theater performance techniques. This is a very exciting time for Downtown high school because this is the first time we will be exhibiting a full theater production. This semester our theme is, “Confronting Identity: Race and Gender.” Through collaborative work between students, teachers, family and community organizations, students will be required to write a script for a monologue and a one-act play addressing the issues we face around the theme of race and gender.

The part that we need your expertise to complete is the first drafts and final drafts of their monologues and plays. During your time with ACT, you will have the opportunity to help students begin, inspire ideas, give constructive feedback, edit, edit, edit, and edit their first and final drafts. This is one of the most exciting methods in our project because students are able to understand their thoughts and opinions about the illusion of race and the social constructs of gender in our community, history, family, and culture—through a creative writing process.

Grade: 9-12

693 Vermont Street, San Francisco CA 94107