Writing from the Colonies

(In-Schools Program)

Sep 29,2011, 12:35 PM - 1:30 PM @ Everett Middle School
Transport back in time to the original thirteen colonies and become a travel guide through history! With our help, you will become an "expert" and the students will learn about the realities of colonial living.

In this class period, students will share working knowledge from their chapter. The students will then use their notes to draft a letter to a friend back home in the Old World.

The final product will be a deckled-edge parchment letter describing the student's journey to his/her colony of choice. This is your chance to use your creative and inspirational ideas to help the students establish character, setting, strong supportive detail, and creative illustrations.

This class will also be an opportunity to work with English Language Learners, helping develop their writing skills!

Grade: 8

450 Church Street (between 16th and 17th Streets) San Francisco, CA 94110 Accessible via the J Church and convenient to the 16th Street BART station