MONSTER Screenwriting

(In-Schools Program)

Apr 7,2011, 12:30 PM - 1:25 PM @ Everett Middle School
Hi Everyone! The students will have read Monster by Walter Dean Myers. Then, they will be embarking on a screenwriting project, and you will get to help out with the writing portion!

** See below to find out what you'll be doing on the day that you volunteer! We are looking for a maximum of 8 tutors per session.**

OVERVIEW: Students, you will write your own screenplay based on an actual crime committed by an adolescent or young adult (under 21 years of age). You will research the crime and trial for inspiration to write one crime scene, one investigation scene, one flashback scene, one prison scene, and at least two court scenes. You are writing at LEAST 6 scenes. Also, you may include any additional scenes needed to develop your plot and place the scenes in any order that develops your “movie.” Remember that you will use the court case to inspire your writing, meaning you can fictionalize events. You may not include real names, so give your characters new alias. Finally, you must write this in screenplay format, and include technical directions, like Cut To/ Fade In/CU.

Wednesday, March 16th
1.Spend 15 minutes searching for a true crime to base your movie on.
2.Spend 20 minutes researching one crime. Search for any articles relating to the crime/trial you selected, and take notes.
3. Spend 10 minutes developing a cast of character:
1.Defendant 2.Defense Attorney 3.Prosecutor 4.Victim/s
5. Defense Witnesses 6.Prosecution Witnesses 7.Miscellaneous

Thursday, March 18th
1.Plot out your movie on a plotline
2. Create a Front Cover
3.Create a Back Cover

Monday, March 21st
1.Create inside cover page
2. Copyright page (Ms. Diaz will send)
3.Design a simple inside cover
4.Write opening diary scene
Tuesday, March 22nd
1.Write an opening scene that describes where the defendant currently is.
2.Write a voice-over opening credit scene in which the story and actors are introduced.

Wednesday-Thursday March 23rd and 24th
1.Write those scenes

After Spring Break
1. Finish screen play
2.Closing Arguments/statements
3. Ending Credits

Grade: 8

450 Church Street (between 16th and 17th), San Francisco