Do It Up!


Jan 25,2011, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM @ 826 Valencia
Is your backpack a mess? Be honest, there's some old food in there, right? How about your notebook? Are there papers flying out of that thing in every direction? It doesn't have to be that bad. If you'd like some help organizing your mind and your binder, this is the workshop for you! Learn helpful hints on how to take notes, listen attentively in class (not as simple as it sounds!), and plan your time wisely. Impress your teacher with your newfound love of all things neat and tidy! After this class, the dog won't be eating any more of your homework.

Event Dates

Jan 25,2011, 6:00 PM
Jan 21,2011, 6:00 PM
Feb 1,2011, 6:00 PM
Feb 22,2011, 6:00 PM

Taught By: Shanda Manion